GoSmooth®  - Etherea platform 

  •  GoSmooth® incorporates the world’s gold standard in rejuvenation technology and adds a new treatment proposition to ETHEREA-MX;
  •  True non-ablative fractional resurfacing with GoSmooth® acts with precision on the epithelial tissue layer while generating a homogeneous and residual intradermal thermal effect;
  •  Prevents, maintains and treats all aging signs, and is indicated for the treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, melasma, stretch marks and various skin irregularities;
  •  Especially designed to ensure therapeutic efficacy and safety in procedures for any region of the body in men or women;
  •  Provides visible results from the first session and offers a safe procedure with great clinical efficacy for all skin types, without disrupting daily activities;
  •  High-quality beam micro-fractionation through an improved precision lens system, ensuring a much safer use of GoSmooth® in practice;
  •  GoSmooth® places new therapeutic possibilities, at your disposal, a high-value technology with great versatility and real results.


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