ProDeep® - Etherea platform 

  •  ProDeep®: LASER effect with 9x greater depth of penetration  when compared to other non-ablative LASERs available on the market, ensuring treatments with much greater clinical efficacy.
  •  Wide variation in treatment intensity with ProDeep®, combining higher intradermal heat in subdermal tissue, pulse durations in the range of 3-20 ms, micro-fractionated lenses and collimated beams, providing a unique treatment option;
  •  ProDeep® has revolutionized the market, by offering a non-ablative fractional LASER option with excellent results from only the first sessions, while still being a highly safe technology with virtually no downtime. A great option for body procedures;
  •  Greater safety, efficacy and usability with a new high quality optical fractionation system, square spot formats, smaller micro-fractionated beams and greater spacing between spots;
  •  The legacy of a technology brought by ProDeep®, a LASER technology widely used and approved by renowned doctors, with numerous success stories that prove its effectiveness;


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