IPL-SQ - Etherea platform 

  •  Proprietary SQUARE-WAVE PULSE®  technology with microprocessed pulses for enhanced safety and results;
  •  A total of 5 cutoff filters available in the plug-and-play model, at 400, 540, 580, 640 and 695 nm, considerably broadening the range of indications and versatility in a single handpiece;
  •  Special VascuTip® spots  in all wavelengths, working with the utmost efficiency in the treatment of localized lesions and less accessible regions;
  •  Built-in sapphire contact cooling system , to enhance patient comfort and procedure safety;
  •  5- to 100-ms pulses for safety in the treatment of darker phototypes (Fitzpatrick IV-VI), and effective outcomes for vascular lesions of different sizes and depths;
  •  Repetition rates of up to 2 Hz and a broad treatment area, measuring 4.8 cm2, making procedures much quicker;


This handpiece is a part of the Etherea platform:

#1 Laser platform in the world’s 2nd largest aesthetic market.

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